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PROJECT: The Ascent at Roebling's Bridge

March 2008

In response to the growing demand for condominiums with a riverfront view in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area, Corporex embarked on an ambitious building project to construct a unique high rise in Covington, Kentucky. They brought in world renowned architect Daniel Liebskind to design the building – one that would ascend to the sky.

Corporex teamed up with Commercial HVAC to design and install the HVAC systems for the building.  Unique features of this building include not only a curved floor plan and ascending roof for multiple penthouses, but each floor also extends out 10” from the floor below giving the building the appearance that it is leaning over.

Early in the design phase, it became apparent that the site constraints would not allow for mechanical equipment to be located around the exterior of the building. A water source heat pump HVAC system would probably be the best choice, although it would be higher first cost, but there was still the problem of where to locate the cooling tower. Working cooperatively with the City of Covington, Corporex was granted the right to install the cooling tower across an adjacent street in a lot near other mechanical equipment.

Each condominium has at least one water source heat pump allowing the owners to control their own space temperatures and each one of the over 700 windows in the building have an electric supplemental baseboard heater offsetting the skin loss of the windows.

Exhaust from fans and dryers as well as fresh air is achieved through louvers which were deigned as part of the curtain wall system. Stair pressurization systems provide for a safe exit from the building for the occupants. The pool and spa are heated using heat exchangers from the hydronic heating system during the summer when the building no longer requires heat.

This building is highly visible from every direction as you enter into the Greater Cincinnati Riverfront area and is already becoming a landmark of the riverfront area. Commercial HVAC is proud to be a part of the construction of the building.


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